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About Valerie

We live in a world where cameras are literally everywhere. Whether embedded in the tiniest cell phone or of the disposable "point-and-shoot" variety, technology is such that virtually anyone can create photographs and, by extension, call him or herself a photographer.

What distinguishes Valerie from the masses is her uncanny gift for manipulating light and shadow in a way that captures the essence of her subjects' personalities. As you browse through the galleries, we encourage you to pay special attention to the eyes. What you will see are not merely distinguishing facial features, but rather compelling life stories that are being told to a compassionate, empathetic craftsperson who has gained the trust of her subjects through her authentic vulnerability and genuine artistic integrity.

For the mundane events in your life, by all means, grab your smartphone and fire away. But for those milestone moments you want to savor forever, or when it's time to create a timeless portrait that will document your legacy for generations to come, we invite you to consider giving us the opportunity to look deeply into your eyes and tell your unique life's story!